Former ASKING ALEXANDRIA Singer DANNY WORSNOP Releases ‘Out Without You’ Solo Video

“Out Without You”, the new solo video from former ASKING ALEXANDRIA and current WE ARE HARLOT frontman Danny Worsnop, can be seen below. The clip was directed by Worsnop and Sam Link.

“Out Without You”is taken from Danny’s forthcoming debut solo album, “The Prozac Sessions”, due later in the year.

The singer, who recently spent time in Nashville seeking a suitable label to release the record, told Alternative Press last year about the musical direction of his solo material: “[The solo album has] still got some of that typical snotty flair going. I’m still, for the most part, singing the blues. But I went into it with country in mind. I’ve always loved country. In England, I grew up as a country boy. I was in a small village of two hundred people. The lifestyle goes hand in hand with the music all over the world. [But writing] it just never crossed my mind. Obviously, of late, I’ve made a lot of life changes, where I’m exploring new things. So it seemed like an appropriate time. I had some time off, I was jamming on the guitar and I had some ideas, and I was, like, ‘Fuck it, let’s take this and run.”

The songs on “The Prozac Sessions” were completed with songwriters like John Paul White (THE CIVIL WARS), while producer Jim Kaufman sat behind the boards.

“We’re definitely going to push to radio a lot, do videos,” Danny told Alternative Press. “[The solo project] is definitely something I’d like to make a lot of money doing and get to do more of. If it’s not a success, I doubt I’ll have much opportunity to do it again. [But] there’s no plans to tour, per se. Maybe just shows here and there. So it’s nothing that’s… I know I’ve said this before, and it ended with me leaving the band. [Laughs]”

Danny said in an online post that every piece of artwork for his upcoming solo album “was so perfect” that he “decided to use them all, which means there will be four versions of the album, all with different visuals.” He added: “I am thinking of writing a couple more songs so that each version will have a different bonus track.”

More information, including audio samples, can be found at

Worsnop exited ASKING ALEXANDRIA in January 2015, explaining in a statement: “Over the last eight years together, we’ve done some amazing things and created something truly special. I now, same as then, want what’s best for the band and at this point in time, that isn’t me.”

Danny has since been replaced by Ukrainian singer Denis Shaforostov, who gained notoriety posting ASKING ALEXANDRIA covers on YouTube and consequentially inked a deal with Sumerian in his band DOWN & DIRTY.

Source: Blabbermouth

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