FEAR FACTORY Still Has ‘The Passion,’ Says Guitarist DINO CAZARES

Heavy Metal Bands Info recently conducted an interview with FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Heavy Metal Bands Info: You are about to tour the U.S. again in April with your “Demanufacture” twentieth-anniversary show.

Dino: “We will be playing ‘Demanufacture’ in its entirety. We did it in Europe and we did it in Australia a couple of years ago and now it’s going to be America’s turn. We wanna commemorate and celebrate a really good album — actually, one of our greatest albums. It’s the album that really took us to the next level. A lot of people discovered us on that record. It’s definitely one of the fans’ favorites. It came up on twenty years last year and now we can’t wait to do it live. We love it. Australia is the first country that ‘Demanufacture’ went gold in. It was the first country. Then, of course, it was England and other countries to follow and so on and so on.”

Heavy Metal Bands Info: You have always been quite innovative. [FEAR FACTORY’s latest album] “Genexus” is no exemption. Where do you get your inspiration from these days?

Dino: “I think it’s something that’s in us. I think something you love to do is gonna show. For us, we still love going on the road, we still love going to other countries, we still love playing music, and it shows. When we were making that record, we thought, ‘How do we stay relevant?’ The band is together for twenty-five years now. How do we stay relevant? How do we create something that is still pushing the boundaries forward? For us, the inspiration came from some of our past music. We looked into what makes FEAR FACTORY what it is. Let’s go back and try to re-live — in our memories — what it was like to create the first album and ‘Demanufacture’. What was it like creating these great albums? Mentally, we got into a mindset of turning all those great experiences into something new. Basically, we didn’t want to change our sound but concentrate on writing good songs. We took our time in the writing process and in the studio to let the songs marinate. We listened to the songs over and over again. Then we found out the good parts and the bad parts. This is how you create well-crafted songs. Then it turns out to be an amazing record. That’s what we did. Some people said that it reminds them of ‘Demanufacture’. I kinda have to agree with all of that. There are elements of our past but I think the main thing that’s in there is the energy of the past. To create such an album, you have to have the passion. That’s what we have. We still have that passion. We still have that drive to do FEAR FACTORY and tour the world.”

Read the entire interview at Heavy Metal Bands Info.

A list of all upcoming FEAR FACTORY tour dates can be found at FearFactory.com
Source: Blabbermouth

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