EXTREME/Ex-VAN HALEN Singer GARY CHERONE’s HURTSMILE: ‘Hello I Must Be Going’ Video Premiere

“Hello I Must Be Going”, the new video from HURTSMILE, the band led by the third VAN HALEN frontman, Gary Cherone (also of EXTREME), who took over when Sammy Hagar left the group (or was fired, depending on whom you ask) in 1996, can be seen below. The song is taken from HURTSMILE’s sophomore album, “Retrogrenade”, which was released last October in North America via Cherone’s own Slipkid Records. Following up on the band’s acclaimed self-titled debut in 2011, the fan-funded “Retrogrenade” pays homage to almost every genre Cherone has excelled at in the past. Inspired by the classic rock records they grew up on, “Retrogrenade” is the collective effort of HURTSMILE flexing their musical muscle.

“Hello I Must Be Going” is inspired by a Marx Brothers song sung by Groucho Marx from the 1930 classic film “Animal Crackers”. Cherone said abou the clip: “I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun making a video. We didn’t take ourselves too seriously, it almost turned into a blooper reel… I think it captures the spirit of the song.”

Gary Cherone’s career is rooted in classic rock, but his innate diversity and broad influences have created unexpected detours and surprises. EXTREME is the formidable genesis of Cherone’s career; its “funky metal” roots and ubiquitous #1 smash hit “More Than Words” introduced Cherone to the mainstream, but it was EXTREME’s captivating performance at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert that finally put him on the world stage. A few years later, Cherone would be asked to join the legendary VAN HALEN and co-write their “VH3” album with the band and tour the world once again.

In 2011, Gary teamed up with his brother Mark Cherone (FLESH, SUPERZERO), Joe Pessia (TANTRIC, DRAMAGODS) and Dana Spellman to record the self-titled debut, “Hurtsmile”, a musically aggressive sucker punch to the face featuring Cherone’s most provocative lyrics to date.

HURTSMILE’s music is chock-full of swaggering guitars, soaring vocals and trademark eclecticism, with the Boston Globe declaring the quartet, “hard-hitting.”

HURTSMILE is Gary Cherone (vocals), Mark Cherone (guitar), Joe Pessia (bass, mandolin) and Dana Spellman (drums, percussion).

“Retrogrenade” track listing:

01. Rock N’ Roll Cliche
02. Hello, I Must Be Going
03. Big Government
04. I Still Do
05. Sing A Song (My Mia)
06. Anymore (Don’t Want My Love)
07. Where Do We Go From Here
08. A Melody For You
09. Wonder What
10. Walk Away
11. Goodbye
12. Pump It Up


Source: Blabbermouth

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