Ex-IRON MAIDEN Singer BLAZE BAYLEY To Release ‘Infinite Entanglement’ Album In March

British heavy metal vocalist Blaze Bayley (IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE) has set “Infinite Entanglement” as the title of his eighth solo album, tentatively due in March 2016. Speaking to Rock-Radio UK last month, Bayley stated about the upcoming effort (hear audio below): “It’s a concept album. My first solo album was influenced by science fiction and a lot of my favorite books and also things that are happening in science fiction and artificial intelligence — with ‘Silicon Messiah’; that was my first one. And then I did a full concept album with my second solo album called ‘Tenth Dimension’. This follows on, really, from both of those albums, some of the ideas that I had back then, as well as some of the things that are happening in quantum physics; I’ve become more interested in that. So, using that, really, it’s a story about someone who doesn’t know if they’re human. And I’m writing a book, and the album is based on the things that happen in the book.”

He added: “All the fans that I’ve spoke to and told them about the concept and the idea, they all seem really into it. So I’m very excited.”

Regarding the musical direction of his upcoming disc, Blaze said: “I’m not really limiting myself on this album. So there are elements of music that are the same as my first two solo albums, and also of my last album, and of my acoustic album.”

He continued: “We’ve got most of the album finished. I’ve still got some lyrics that I’ve left open, but most of it’s finished. And now it’s listening through to these demos from rehearsals and going through those lyrics and checking them and making sure that they’re not embarrassing, and all of that, and then we start recording on the 1st of December.”

Bayley also talked about how he is getting his hardcore fans involved in the making of his new album. He said: “I had an idea for a song. Because it’s a concept, there’s a certain part of the story where my central character is in a dream, and he doesn’t quite know what he’s hearing. And it’s messages from his past, and it’s people saying, ‘Where are you?’ And so, I thought, well, what I wanted was, not just in English, but in different languages, I wanted this phrase: ‘Where are you?’ And I thought it might be something that I could involve my fans in, ‘cause I need about a hundred people saying ‘Where are you?’ at different times to create this kind of dream, almost nightmare, and it’s an intro to one of the songs on the album. So what I’ve asked people to do is say the phrase, and I’ve put a demo of the phrase and a couple of different people saying it, so they know the kind of cadence to use. And they say it in their own language, and then they send me the sample. And the best ones then I’ll use in the song on the album. Someone would have to do it, so I thought, ‘Well, why not get my fans who actually support me to do it?'”

The 52-year-old Bayley, who was born in Birmingham, was the original frontman in WOLFSBANE, but left in 1994 to join MAIDEN, with whom he recorded two studio albums — 1995’s “The X Factor” 1998’s and “Virtual XI” — before Bruce Dickinson returned to the group.

Bayley released a career-spanning double-disc collection, “Soundtracks Of My Life”, on October 31, 2013.

The singer’s latest studio album, “The King Of Metal”, was issued in March 2012.

Source: Blabbermouth

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