Escape the Fate Stare Down Danger in ‘Alive’ Video

Escape the Fate‘s upcoming album is titled Hate Me, and in the video for the band’s new single “Alive,” it appears as though the guys have some women who have it out for them.

The clip, which just debuted, finds the band members becoming the targets of magic and carnival tricks. Whether it be chained inside a water filled cube, strapped to a spinning wheel as knives get hurled or sitting with an apple on the head while an archer takes aim, the guys are all staring down the danger levied at them by these femme fatales, but they eventually get the upper hand.

For this video, not only does frontman Craig Mabbitt star in the clip, but he also had a hand in directing as well. Mabbitt told us in an upcoming interview on Loudwire, “I do see myself [directing] more. I enjoy it a lot. I’ve always been a guy who likes coming up with the concepts of the video.” He added, “To actually be able to be behind the camera, talk about what shots you want to see, what shots you want to get. It was really enjoyable, especially if you are the person in the band and it’s something that you want to portray. You obviously want to do something that you want to do, so I had the opportunity to do it. I had a lot of fun with it. I really want to do it more in the future, and hopefully I can. Hopefully people like this video and everyone on our team and behind the scenes likes the video so the next one pops up and I say I want to do it, it’s an automatic green light.”

“Alive” is featured on Escape the Fate’s Hate Me album. The disc drops Oct. 30, but is currently available to pre-order in a bunch of bundle options here. In addition, fans can pre-order deluxe editions of the album via Amazon and iTunes. Look for Escape the Fate touring in support of Hate Me at these locations.

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