Drowning Pool Release Anthemic Single ‘Snake Charmer’


Drowning Pool are closing in on the release of their sixth album, Hellelujah. The band’s second effort with vocalist Jasen Moreno, Drowning Pool utilize his diverse abilities on the scathing new single “Snake Charmer,” which was premiered by Billboard. As always, the band’s empowering lyrics deal with triumph over personal struggle, this time taking their shot at unsavory characters they’ve encountered in the music industry.

“This is a tune about the poisonous souls we have endured during our time in the music business. We won’t name any names, but you know who you are. Basically, it’s about how to keep kicking ass when things go bad,” says bassist Stevie Benton. The chorus ends with the line, “I’m taking my poison back!” demonstrating the band are through with being pushed around by certain people in the industry and are back in the driver’s seat.

Opening with a palm-muted rhythm, a guitar melody quickly comes in, but the beauty is gone when Moreno’s scream kicks the song into full gear. The push and pull of the verse sees Moreno employ a combination of screams and gritty cleans, building tension before the chorus comes in. What’s sure to draw plenty of crowd participation live is the chorus, which boasts a group chant of, “Snake, snake, snake!

Hellelujah was produced at Audiohammer studios by Jason Suecof, who has a storied body of work at the helm behind albums from Whitechapel, Job For a Cowboy, Trivium, the Black Dahlia Murder and more. The record will be out Feb. 5, 2016 on eOne.

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