Dream Theater Unveil ‘The Gift of Music’ Official Video

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Dream Theater have unleashed, The Astonishing, their most adventurous and ambitious album to date. The record spans 34 tracks across two acts and is a full blown modern day rock opera set in the dystopian future where music is made by machines and the world is ruled by medieval style feudalism. “The Gift of Music” was the first song to be released off the album and the band has now followed it up with an eye-catching music video.

The song itself boasts an uplifting guitar motif alongside James Labrie‘s hopefully optimistic voice as he details a child who was born a natural musician and could help bring real music back to society. Clips of the band playing are interspersed with animated first person perspectives of flying through the heavens, past the pesky NOMACs, evoking the feeling of triumph and wonder in the viewer. Closeups of guitarist John Petrucci and keyboardist Jordan Ruddess shoot the two soloing together, focusing on the duo’s lightning fast fingers.

The second single to be released from the album came by way of the decidedly more sinister, “Moment of Betrayal.” Between these two songs, fans can catch a glimpse at the full scope of the concept, enjoying both lighter and darker elements present in the myriad of emotions The Astonishing takes the listener on.

Dream Theater will be touring in support of The Astonishing, playing the album from start to finish on their European tour and the upcoming North American tour. Petrucci commented about the special treks, stating, “Dream Theater has been touring forever; we’ve played the different stadiums and arenas, ice halls, gymnasiums and whatever. We wanted to make this different — we wanted to make this special. And so as long as people know that going into it, I don’t think anybody is going to show up in a Dream Theater shirt, saying, ‘Why didn’t they play ‘Pull Me Under?” They’re going to totally understand what we’re doing.”

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Dream Theater, ‘The Astonishing’ – Album Review

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