DORO: ‘Love’s Gone To Hell’ Video Teaser

German metal queen Doro Pesch recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help produce a high-quality video for her band’s new single, “Love’s Gone To Hell”.

A teaser for the upcoming clip is available below (filmed and edited by Patrick von Schuckmann of

Says Doro: “While creating new music for our next release, we hit on something that immediately had a very, very special vibe to it and sparked our imagination plus an amazing story. The title of this special song is ‘Love’s Gone To Hell’. We believe that this song carries a tremendous magic and that it immediately draws you in and gives you chills…

“It is our dream to bring this wonderful song to life in the form of a beautiful, fantastic music video, and it is our goal to create this high-quality vision together with you!

“For your support and contributions, there are many special and one-of-a-kind rewards to be had. A unique payback in the form of small to very large rewards can be expected in return for your pledge and support.

“We would be so happy to do this project together with you and realize an amazing high-class, high-quality music video for this magical, very special song: ‘Love’s Gone To Hell’.”

Asked when fans can expect to hear the follow-up to her 2012 album “Raise Your Fist”, Doro told Planet Mosh TV this past July: “We will finish a new DVD. That’s the 30th-anniversary DVD. The whole year we filmed. And it’s called ‘Strong & Proud’. That will be released in March next year, I think the 4th of March. And we’re working on a new album, but [it will be] maybe one more years until it’s all done.”

She continued: “We were on tour and on the road non-stop. When you’re doing a festival or when you’re playing a gig, I always concentrate on making the people feel good that day and you are in a totally different mindframe to do a record. I have to take a little time off touring. But touring is, to me, the best — I love it the most. But we have some great songs in the making. So maybe this year we wanna put out a single. I think there’s a killer song. I wanna do a video of that song, maybe like a little mini-movie or something. Since I’m from the ’80s, I want all these big videos, and maybe we have to do some crowdfunding or something, because nobody wants to have a video anymore. I think the record company doesn’t want [to pay for it]. But I wanna do it. I think the song calls for [a video like that]. So maybe [we’ll release] an EP or a single this year. But next year [we’ll put out] the [full-length] record, and a DVD. And there’ll be a live CD as well and three DVDs, or two Blu-rays. So it’s a big thing, [with], any guests. Of course, Biff [Byford] of SAXON is on it. And so many friends.”

Dubbed “50 minutes of expertly crafted Teutonic metal” by Outburn, which crowned Doro “…the classiest lady in metal,” “Raise Your Fist” boasted guest appearances by MOTÖRHEAD’s Lemmy Kilmister and OZZY OSBOURNE/FIREWIND guitarist Gus G., and artwork by British artist and longtime Doro collaborator Geoffrey Gillespie. An import version of Doro’s “Raise Your Fist – 30 Years Anniversary Edition” is available via the Nuclear Blast webshop and includes new and rare tracks plus a bonus CD titled “Powerful Passionate Favorites” comprised of cover versions of DIO, LED ZEPPELIN, METALLICA and KISS songs.

Source: Blabbermouth

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