DON DOKKEN: ‘If I Had My Way And I Ran A Country, I’d Shut The Borders Down’

DOKKEN frontman Don Dokken says he would “shut the borders down” if he was president, explaining that the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) is exploiting the refugee crisis in order to recruit new fighters and to get trained fighters into western Europe and the United States.

During an appearance on a recent edition of “The Classic Metal Show”, Dokken was particularly critical of Germany, which has already taken in more refugees than any other European nation, with daily arrivals amounting to 10,000 per day in recent weeks.

The singer said: “You know, I don’t wanna get political, but I’ll tell you right now, we [were] in Munich. When we got to Munich and we got off the train, there was all these people out front, people donating ski gear, very cold weather gear, because snow is coming in Germany. You’ve got hundreds of thousands of Syrians coming into Germany because this idiot Merkel, the [German] Chancellor, said, ‘Oh, come on! Come to Germany! We’ll take care of you.’ So we got off the train, and there were just thousands and thousands of displaced people hanging out at train stations, getting their free clothes and free money and free food.”

He continued: “Do I believe that an entire country is trying to run away from terrorism? No. What I believe, and I thought this a month ago, is it’s a great vehicle for ISIS to come across the borders and their insane, sick mentality.

“I don’t know of any religion in the world — Buddhist, Judaism, Muslim, Christian, Catholic — that any God that says, ‘Please go out and kill innocent women and children and we’ll give you seven virgins.’ There’s no religion in the world that says it’s okay to kill innocent people for a religion. So when these son-of-a-bitches yell ‘Allah Akbar’ — ‘Praise the God’ — they’re just scum, they’re just pieces of shit, and they’re just coming in and kill people because they’re fucking losers. And I was in Germany and I was shocked to see thousands and thousands of Syrians at the train stations, and I was, like, ‘Holy shit, man! They could just come on this train and throw a hand grenade and I’m outta here.’

“So, yes, I was concerned. And I’m not a racist, but if I had my way and I ran a country, I’d shut the borders down.”

Of the European nations, Germany continues to be the most popular destination for migrants. It has received the highest number of new asylum applications, with more than 315,000 by the end of October.

Don continued: “Here’s a quick story. There’s a village near the east border of Germany, a village in east Germany, and they have a hundred and ten residents — one hundred and ten people in the village. And they’ve just been ordered to take in one thousand Syrian refugees. One thousand Syrian refugees, one hundred and ten Germans… What do you think’s gonna happen? In Hamburg, they’ve evicted seven thousand Germans — they have to move out of their apartments — to accommodate Syrian refugees. Okay, that’s great, that’s very magnanimous, very wonderful, very spiritual, very humanitarian. What’s gonna happen to the West Germans that have paid taxes and lived there their whole life? Where are they gonna sleep? Answer that question for me.”

He went on to say: “It is insanity to think that any country would let in people from Syria that don’t speak our language, do not understand Western civilization… I’ve been to Afghanistan, I’ve been to Pakistan, I’ve been to Iraq when I was in my twenties; I went to all those countries. And they loved us and they were happy. But they don’t understand Western civilization. They are a tribal society with sheiks and Sikhs that they have their own way of doing things.

“What do you do with that million Syrians that don’t speak English, have no job skills, don’t know what to do. All they’re gonna do is suck the life out of the country, get free food, free everything. And who’s paying for that? It’s bullshit.

“I’m not a white supremist. But how come they’re not going to, like, Turkey or Iraq? Or there’s a million countries in the Middle East they could go to.

“When I was in Sweden, I saw the borders and all the chain-link fences they’re putting up in Hungary, and I saw hundreds and hundreds of brand new bicycles piled up like a pyramid where they could climb up over the fence. My question is, if you live in Syria and you make three thousand dollars a year, where did you get a brand new bicycle or a thousand dollars to get on a boat and go to Greece; it’s fifteen hundred dollars a passenger. Where are they getting that money? Where are they getting those bicycles? Somebody is financing these people to leave Syria. Who is doing it? Where is all the money coming from? These people don’t make… They make, like, two dollars a day. All of a sudden, they’ve got fifteen hundred bucks to get on a boat to go to Greece. All of a sudden, they’ve got a brand new bicycle. Where is all this money coming from to buy all this shit? Who is financing this?

“When you look at the map…. Look at the map of Syria and a map of Germany. It is a long ways away, and they’re following the same route. It costs thousands and thousands of dollars in food, and they’re carrying, like, survival tents and all this shit. Who is paying for this?

“Remember the Cuba thing, when Castro said, ‘Sure, man. You want all my murderers? You want all my psychotic, crazy motherfuckers in jail? I’ll let ‘em all out, put ‘em on a boat and send ‘em to Florida.’ That’s what Syria is doing. Because Assad… We tried to kick out Assad. He wants anybody that’s against the Assad regime [to] leave. ‘You don’t like my regime? I’m a murderer. I’m a terrible person. You don’t like it? Leave.'”

Dokken also talked in more general terms about the rise of the national security threat posed by global terrorism, most recently by the Islamic State. He said: “If I had my way, you wouldn’t want me to the president of the United States, because I would [get] every goddamn plane we have and I’d bomb every goddamn ISIS site on the planet.

“They’re not Muslims. C’mon, they’re not Muslims. The Muslim religion, just for people who don’t know, the Muslim religion is the youngest religion on earth. Christianity is two thousand years old, Buddhism three thousand years old. Muslims? Allah? Five hundred years. It’s relatively a new religion. The Muslim religion, with Allah, and they started the Quran and all these things, they came along about a thousand years after the English had, like, several kings. It’s a very young religion.”

He continued: “Look, there are millions of Muslims in this world that are great, wonderful people. These people that say ‘Allah Akbar,’ which means ‘Praise the God,’ and kill. You have to wonder… They threw a hand grenade. How many innocent Muslims did they kill? They don’t know who they’re killing. I’m sure in those hundred and twelve people that were killed in that [EAGLES OF DEATH METAL] concert [in Paris], there was probably Muslims in that pack. So these people are just disenfranchised youth. It’s interesting that most of these terrorists are all in their early twenties, mid-twenties, and they had no future.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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