DESTRUCTION’s SCHMIER: You Can’t Make Thrash Metal If You’re Rich

Banger TV has uploaded an interview with vocalist/bassist Schmier of German thrash metal veterans DESTRUCTION. You can now watch the chat below.

Asked what still motivates him to write aggressive music thirty years into DESTRUCTION’s career, Schmier said: “I think it’s either in you or it’s not in you. Of course, when you go out and do crazy tours — we’ve just been two weeks in Mexico — I think it’s a big motivation to continue when you see all those fans and being able to see the world. I think that’s one of the greatest gifts of what we do is to go at the end of the world, and you could not imagine that there’s metalheads there, and then at night, there’s, like, one thousand fucking crazy metalheads showing up, and you’re, like, ‘What the fuck?’ So I think it’s a huge motivation.”

He continued: “Of course, we all have our days when we’re, like, ‘Why the fuck am I still doing this?’ Because you will never get rich with fucking thrash metal unless you’re METALLICA or maybe SLAYER. If you’re rich, then you’re not hungry anymore, I think you can’t do this anymore, because then you have all you want. You’re not hungry anymore? It doesn’t work. That’s what I think, especially for aggressive music. And, of course, I’m still pissed off. I see what’s going on in the world, with the corruption and fucking politicians never learn. The wars are starting back. We didn’t learn from the Second World War, it seems. It still motivates me to write aggressive music and write about those things.”

DESTRUCTION’s new album, “Under Attack”, will be released on May 13 via Nuclear Blast. The band started recording the CD after the summer festivals last year and tracked segments in various studios between September 2015 and January 2016. They completed the drum recordings with Martin Buchwalter at Gernhart Studios in Germany, and mixed and mastered with VO Pulver at Little Creek Studios in Switzerland.

Source: Blabbermouth

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