Destruction to Release ‘Under Attack’ Album in May

Nuclear BlastNuclear Blast

Rejoice, thrash fans! Destruction will be releasing the new album Under Attack on May 13 via Nuclear Blast.

Straight outta Germany, Destruction have produced some of metal’s finest thrash since releasing Infernal Overkill in 1985. The power trio of guitarist Mike Sifringer, bassist / vocalist Marcel ‘Schmier’ Schirmer and drummer Wawrzyniec ‘Vaaver’ Dramowicz have put their heads together again for Destruction’s 14th studio album.

“We really took our time for this album,” says Schmier. “After the summer festivals, we went into the studio every couple of weeks to record brand new songs and ideas in between all the touring activities. We took several studio sessions instead of one long one, to keep the ideas fresh and have time later before the mix to change bits and pieces that we did not like. Maybe this was the most effective writing we did in the last years! Due the fact we had more time in between the albums, there was a lot of musical output and creativity, but also less pressure. From my point of view, you can definitely hear the crispiness in the songwriting and the kick-ass attitude we brought from the shows into the studio. The ‘on tour into the studio on tour mode’ was so effective that I wanna keep this method for the future!”

He adds, “How does the new record sound? For sure not like a band that is in its 33 years of existence: Efficient aggression: FAST — CATCHY — ORIGINAL!”

Destruction’s most recent effort is the well-received 2012 record, Spiritual Genocide. Keep your eyes and ears open for Under Attack to hit on May 13.

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