According to ArkansasOnline, the members of DEF LEPPARD will meet the Arkansas School For The Deaf’s football team when the band comes to Central Arkansas later today (Wednesday, May 11).

Nearly 1,500 people signed an online petition to get DEF LEPPARD to take a photo in front of the Arkansas School For The Deaf’s football scoreboard.

The school’s mascot is the leopard, making their team the Deaf Leopards.

Cary Tyson, a program officer at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute who started the petition two months ago, wrote on his petition: “While [DEF LEPPARD‘s] schedule doesn’t get them in town in time to get to the school, they’ve agreed to take a picture with the students [and] a large replica of the scoreboard at Verizon Arena.”

About five students from the school will meet with members of DEF LEPPARD backstage and will take a photo with the band in front of the scoreboard replica.

Stacey Tatera, spokesman for the Arkansas School For The Deaf, said: “We’re so proud for anyone to shine a light on our school, on deaf education and on the work we do here.”

The Arkansas School For The Deaf has reportedly used the name Leopards since at least 1941, long before the formation of DEF LEPPARD more than thirty years later.

Source: Blabbermouth

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