DAVE GROHL Pens Letter In Support Of British Teen Metal Act

According to The Pulse Of Radio, FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl has written a letter to the city council of Cornwall, England on behalf of a local teen metal band that’s been prohibited from practicing in their parents’ garage due to a noise ordinance. The band, BLACK LEAVES OF ENVY, has been unable to practice for almost three months as a result. Grohl wrote: “Like many musicians, I started in a garage in my neighborhood. Together with friends, my adolescent years were made better by playing music with others.”

The band was ordered by the Cornwall Council to take their sound levels way down to 30 or 40 decibels — about the equivalent of the hum from a refrigerator.
One of the teen’s fathers told the Plymouth Herald that the group has not been able to practice in three months since it can’t feasibly rehearse at that low level.

Grohl addressed that issue in his open letter, explaining that “the band is having difficulty functioning within the current noise restrictions placed upon them.”
He added: “Music is not only a healthy pastime, it is a wonderful creative outlet for kids, and fosters a sense of community necessary to the emotional and social development of any child… I believe that it is crucial that children have a place to explore their creativity and establish a sense of self through song.”

Grohl concluded by writing: “I ask that you reconsider the restrictions put upon the volume of (the band’s) private rehearsal space. I believe that in doing so, you will be sending a message that Cornwall is not only a home to music and the arts, but a place that encourages children to follow their dreams in a world where anything is possible.”

FOO FIGHTERS are on hiatus at the moment but recently released a humorous video in which they responded to rumors that the band was breaking up.

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To learn more about Black Leaves of Envy & how you can help the Cornwall campaign to provide all young musicians with a…

Posted by Foo Fighters on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Source: Blabbermouth

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