DANZIG: ‘Skeletons’ Cover Artwork Preview

Glenn Danzig will release his long-awaited covers record, “Skeletons”, in November via Evilive Music. The CD, which was recorded with PRONG guitarist/vocalist Tommy Victor and former TYPE O NEGATIVE drummer Johnny Kelly, will include the former MISFITS frontman’s take on songs by BLACK SABBATH (“N.I.B.”), ZZ TOP (“Rough Boy”), THE TROGGS (“A Girl Like You”), THE EVERLY BROTHERS (“Crying In The Rain”) and others.

A preview of the “Skeletons” cover artwork, featuring Glenn and model Kayden Kross in “Skullface,” can be seen below.

Asked how he decided which songs to cover on “Skeletons”, Glenn told LasVegasMagazine.com: “I just start thinking of what songs I want to record, especially for the covers record. What do I want to cover? Can I bring a new element to it? Can’t just be songs I like. It’s got to be songs I like and that I think I can give a new direction to, and bring a new dimension to.”

He continued: “That’s my attitude with covers. Unless you’re going to do something different with it and give it a new life, or give it a new dimension, leave it alone. It’s going to be judged against the original anyway. If you just try to record it exactly like the original, everyone’s just going to like the original better because they’ve heard it a million times. Also, why cover it if all you’re going to do is just cover it? At least that’s my opinion, and that’s why if I’m going to cover a song, I’m going to give it a new life, new dimension, new feeling. Do something different with it.”

Danzig also spoke about some of the other tracks that were recorded for “Skeletons”. “[There is an] Elvis cover, of course. It wouldn’t be a DANZIG covers record unless there was an Elvis and a SABBATH track. The Elvis cover I did was ‘Let Yourself Go’. There’s two biker movie theme songs from the old A.I.P. (1950s-1970s low-budget, independent film company American International Pictures) movies that I covered, ‘Devil’s Angel’ and ‘Satan’s Sadists’. Then there’s a RASCALS cover on there, an AEROSMITH cover. A lot of people have been like, ‘Wow, this is all over the place,’ but it gives insight into some stuff that I listen to.”

According to Glenn, the full skull makeup which he wore for the first time since his MISFITS days nearly 40 years ago for the “Skeletons” photo shoot was inspired by legendary singer-songwriter David Bowie.

“One of my favorite covers records is David Bowie’s ‘Pinups’ and I wanted to do a take on that and the record is called ‘Skeletons’ so I decided I’d do the skull face,” he told OC Weekly.

Photo credit: Corey Soria

Source: Blabbermouth

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