Curtain Collapses Around Dave Grohl at Amsterdam Foo Fighters Gig

There’s no avoiding those Spinal Tap moments, no matter how amazing your production may be. At Foo Fighters‘ recent show in Amsterdam, the beginning of the band’s set was halted by a giant curtain which didn’t fall correctly, leaving Dave Grohl and his custom throne completely wrapped up.

Foo Fighters like to switch up their setlist quite a bit, so fans never really know which track will kick off a show. On Nov. 5, the opening track was “Everlong,” but the classic tune had to be halted thanks to a rogue curtain. It was planned to fall at the exact right time, which the curtain did, only the middle section fell about halfway, leaving a giant tent around Dave Grohl at center stage.

Being a consummate professional, Dave Grohl kept playing and singing while completely immersed in darkness, making it almost all the way through the song’s first verse before finally calling for a pause. After a couple of minutes, Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome finally just pulled the Foo Fighters’ curtain back up into the rafters, freeing Dave Grohl and his throne.

“Sometimes it’s the f—ed up things that make you remember the show for the rest of your life,” Grohl said before bringing “Everlong” back to its beginning.

Check out fan-filmed footage of the Foo Fighters’ curtain fail in the clip above!

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