CHILDREN OF BODOM’s JANNE WIRMAN: ‘There’s No Money At All In SPOTIFY. None. It’s S**t’

Levi Seth of Sticks For Stones recently conducted an interview with keyboardist Janne Wirman of Finnish metallers CHILDREN OF BODOM. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

Sticks For Stones: Do you see revenue from streaming services such as Spotify?

Janne: There’s no money at all in Spotify. None. It’s shit.

Sticks For Stones: Do you like your songs being on Spotify?

Janne: Personally, if it was up for me I would not put it up on Spotify. Personally, I don’t even use Spotify, I don’t have an account. I just [don’t] like it due to the fact that the artists are getting nothing out of it.

Sticks For Stones: Do you still collect physical records and CDs?

Janne: Yeah, that’s a bit of a problem for me too. I don’t use Spotify, I don’t use streaming services. At some point, I used to buy a lot of stuff of iTunes, but I kind of dislike the new iTunes too. So, it’s, like, I don’t have a lot of ways to get music nowadays. What I really, really want to get, I have to get it on a CD. But then your house is full of CDs and, you know, whatever. And record stores do not exist anymore, so then if you do really want a CD of something, you have to order it or something. Yeah, I don’t know… It’s just sad that the whole state of music business is kind of weird right now.

Sticks For Stones: It’s sad to see artists getting the raw end of the deal…

Janne: Yeah, definitely, because now a huge part of our income is totally gone. Album sales just don’t exist anymore. It’s a really, really fucked up situation, I think.

Sticks For Stones: It’s sad kids these days are missing out on collecting albums and reading the lyrics and the album art…

Janne: That’s how I am too — old school — but then at the same time I do understand how the kids nowadays don’t want to collects all those CDs. I was just amazed that the format… Like, there’s nothing. It’s even difficult to imagine. Like, the CD, nobody was even interested in re-inventing the CD, like coming out with a format that would still be a collectable… But I guess the MP3 is so much easier for the kids nowadays.

Read the entire interview at Sticks For Stones.

Source: Blabbermouth

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