BUTCHER BABIES’ CARLA HARVEY: ‘It’s Great That There’s So Many More Women Now’ In Heavy Metal

In a brand new interview with Huffington Post, BUTCHER BABIES co-vocalist Carla Harvey was asked what she thinks the women who have been actively in metal over the years have brought to the genre. She responded: “It’s definitely changed since I was a kid. I really didn’t have anyone to look up to as far as women in metal when I was young. There was few people that I gravitated towards like Wendy O. Williams, but that was more punk rock. Women like Betsy Bitch. In the ’90s, there was that string of girl power bands like L7 and HOLE, and PJ Harvey, who I absolutely love, but as far as metal, there wasn’t very many real metal women.”

She continued: “I always gravitated towards male-fronted bands out of necessity, but I think it’s great that there’s so many more women now and it just brings an even bigger female audience into metal. That’s a great thing for everyone involved. Of course, if you’re a man, you want more women at the shows, right? [Laughs] It’s a win-win situation all the way around.”

Carla added: “I think its great that young girls feel okay with liking metal. Even though you should always be okay liking whatever you like regardless, it does help a young kid if they can associate with someone. For instance, when I was a kid, I grew up in a all black neighborhood, and I’m half black myself, I wasn’t supposed to like rock and roll. Then I saw bands like LIVING COLOUR and FISHBONE and I saw Slash, and I realized that there is a ton of African-Americans in rock and roll and its okay for me to like it. So the same thing goes for young girls who want to be a part of the metal scene, but they are not sure if it’s for them or not. They see girls up there on stage rocking out, then they know its cool, and they can be a part of it, they should be a part of it. It’s not unusual for them to like it.”

BUTCHER BABIES‘ second album, “Take It Like A Man”, was released on August 21 via Century Media. The CD was produced by Logan Mader, who has previously worked with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, DEVILDRIVER, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY and GOJIRA.
Source: Blabbermouth

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