AT&T Park Making Efforts To Reduce Concert Noise Pollution Before METALLICA Concert

According to, AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, is working with specialists to deal with the problem of “noise pollution” drifting outside the stadium before METALLICA performs there as part of “The Night Before”, a concert event set to take place the night before Super Bowl 50, on Saturday, February 6.

Beyonce and Jay Z‘s 2014 stop at AT&T Park on their “On The Run” tour drew a number of complaints, with locals claiming that that they could hear music from the stadium as far as three miles away. The following year, only about 12 calls were received following AC/DC‘s concert in September, which was said to be a substantial improvement.

“Those complaints have been decreasing with every show,” Sara Hunt, vice president of Giants Enterprises told

“We’ve been working with acoustic engineers,”she added. “We don’t anticipate any problems with METALLICA.”

METALLICA will be joined at the event by CAGE THE ELEPHANT, who will also perform.

METALLICA has played at AT&T Park the last three years by hosting the annual “Metallica Night” at San Francisco Giants games. Last year, the band expanded that tradition, bringing “Metallica Night” into the South Bay for a San Jose Sharks hockey game.

During an appearance on the Alice @ 97.3 radio station, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich stated about the upcoming event: “We’ve only played AT&T one time before, which… we played with THE ROLLING STONES about ten years ago. So we’ve actually never headlined the baseball park. And we do, obviously, our cool thing with the Giants there… We have the ‘Metallica Night’ there with the Giants three or four years in a row, and I saw AC/DC there about a month ago, and, obviously, I’ve seen THE STONES there a bunch and I saw Jay-Z and Beyonce there last year. And we are so excited to… We’ve played, obviously, a lot of shows at Candlestick [Park] over the years, a lot of shows at Oakland Stadium. Actually, I was thinking about it the other day — we even played some shows at the soccer stadium in San Jose. But we’ve never played the baseball park until now. So there you go.”

METALLICA has been working on a new album, but there is no word if any new music will be aired at the performance.

Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett confirmed last November that the band was in the process of recording new material, saying, “At this point, we’re still just doing basic backing tracks. James [Hetfield, guitar/vocals] is doing his guitar stuff, and I am just kind of waiting patiently to go in there and do all of my guitar stuff.”

The last METALLICA album, “Death Magnetic”, came out in 2008.

Source: Blabbermouth

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