Atreyu on Return From Hiatus, New Album ‘Long Live’ + More [Exclusive Video]

The full lineup of Atreyu recently stopped by our studio to chat about a bunch of topics. In this clip, you’ll see the quintet speak about their return from hiatus, new album Long Live (due out Sept. 18) and more.

After almost a decade of prominence in the post-hardcore / metalcore scene, Atreyu chose to take a break in 2011. The guys recharged their batteries while working on other projects, but in 2014 the inspiration struck once again to awaken and create what would become Long Live.

In this interview, Atreyu talk about how their fans have reacted to the return along with how they kept acquiring new fans even when inactive. They also go deep into Long Live, and don’t worry fans, there’s plenty of shredding from Dan Jacobs to look forward to.

The scene Atreyu came up with in the early 2000s has mostly died down with many contemporaries no longer making or playing music. In 2015, we wanted to know where Atreyu believe they fit into the modern music scene and they answer they gave was an interesting one.

Check out our exclusive interview with Atreyu in the clip above, and pre-order Long Live at iTunes.

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