Asking Alexandria Unleash ‘The Black’ Video

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Asking Alexandria are back … with “The Black.” The title track from the band’s forthcoming album has just arrived complete with a new video and it’s another positive sign that the transition from vocalist Danny Worsnop to new frontman Denis Stoff is going quite well.

The clip is primarily a performance showcase with the band front and center delivering a heavy sound while Stoff’s energy powers the track audibly and visually. Meanwhile, guitarist Ben Bruce adds a mid-song vocal as well that helps the song stand out before the track comes to an end with a haunting piano part. But it’s not all performance based as “The Black” is filled with symbolism, from the dark skies to the central female figure covering herself in black paint and wielding a sword as the darkness sets in. Watch the clip in full above.

Asking Alexandria have navigated the transition well, first hitting the road with Stoff and then unleashing the song “I Won’t Give In” to primarily positive reviews. The band’s first song with Stoff on vocals entered the Cage Match Hall of Fame here at Loudwire. They also unveiled a track called “Undivided” last fall, helping to build the buzz for the new album and “The Black” is continuing the momentum leading up to the March 25 street date.

“We hadn’t reached our destination yet, and Danny had,” admits guitarist Ben Bruce. “I think it was necessary. When it happened, I was devastated. I lost my best friend. We even started referring to this part of our career as ‘The Black period.’ It was the darkest time, but we weren’t going to give up. If he hadn’t left, I don’t think we would’ve been as inspired as we were. I also don’t think Asking Alexandria would still be around. Instead, we’re more excited than ever about this band.”

Look for Asking Alexandria’s The Black album arriving on March 25. Pre-orders for the disc are currently underway here. And look for the group on tour with Bullet for My Valentine and While She Sleeps as part of the “British Invasion” run. Dates can be found here. Stay tuned for our interview with Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce coming later this week.

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Asking Alexandria Reveal ‘The Black’ Album Details


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