ANVIL-Branded Coffee Now Available

Sweden’s Rock Coffee has released has released two new branded coffee brews featuring Canadian metal legends ANVIL: Anvil Ground Coffee and Anvil Espresso Beans.

Rock Coffee was founded by Jonatan Samuelsson — coffee lover, musician, rocker, husband and father. Together with his friends Fredrik and Micke from Alingsås Kafferosteri (Alingsås Coffee Roastery), he brands coffee for rock bands like DEAD BY APRIL, SAFEMODE, NOICE, Kee Marcello (EUROPE) and ANVIL.

In the cozy little town Alingsås, near Gothenburg in Sweden, you find Alingsås Kafferosteri — a roastery that provides the citizens with good-tasting, ecological, and fairtrade-certificated coffee.

The coffee has a special place in the Swedish tradition. “Fika” is maybe the first word, and concept, that a visitor in Sweden will learn. Naturally, the coffee has a very central role.

Around the village Subirana in Azul Meambar region, 1,300 meters above sea level, high up in the mountains of Honduras, Alingsås Kafferosteri’s coffee is cultivated by the cooperative COMISUL, which consists of 140 members.

Only the ripe berries are picked, when they are selected and harvested carefully by hand by these small-scale coffee growers. In this way, more harvests can be taken advantage of during the season from December to March, when only the ripe coffee is picked.

A couple of things that makes this coffee you drink quite unique is that the cooperative are drying the coffee in the only facility of its kind. It is completely disconnected from the electricity grid, and powered by solar energy and pellets, made from the coffee waste products.

It is not only good as it replaces wood from the rainforest, but also for the good taste, preserved in the coffee. The berries do not risk damage of the essential oils that otherwise can “rub off.”

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Source: Blabbermouth

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