Anthrax Members, Alice Cooper, Eddie Trunk + More Featured in ‘Hair I Go Again’ Trailer

Hair I Go Again PosterOver the last decade, we’ve seen countless hair bands reunite, tour and release new albums. Sure, there’s been some lineup changes with some bands and seemingly every band who sprayed Aquanet into their hair in the ’80s has come forth to revisit one of the most decadent times in rock history. The documentary Hair I Go Again chronicles something a bit different. Two friends who did not make it in the ’80s are back together, risking it all for their shot at glory.

Kyle Kruger and Steve McLure have reactivated their old band, Tryxx, and are determined to achieve what they couldn’t back when bands like Motley Crue, Ratt and Poison dominated the world. They’ve quit their jobs and are focusing on the band full-time and a lot of rock stars from the hair metal days think they’re crazy for doing so.

The trailer, seen below, features a host of the genre’s best as well as some metal and rock acts who weren’t even part of the hair scene, like Anthrax. Commenting on the duo’s ambitions are members of Warrant, Keel, Bulletboys, Great White, Queensryche, Motorhead, Kix, radio host Eddie Trunk and more.

While they all wish Kruger and McLure well, they caution that the music industry is more of a battle than it has ever been and that the two have quite a bit of work to do. The trailer sees the duo describing their ambitions and unwillingness to fail a second time.

The documentary film will be released on March 10, 2016.

Hair I Go Again Trailer

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