ANNIHILATOR Planning First Concert Blu-Ray, Acoustic CD/DVD

Veteran Canadian metallers ANNIHILATOR have re-signed with UDR Music for two more studio albums. The band’s leader, Jeff Waters, states: “That will put us at 17 studio CDs when that deal is over! Add that to the mega-package(s) we are planning in 2016 and it’s gonna be a fantastic four more years with them, us and the fans!”

In other news, ANNIHILATOR is planning to release its first full-length, full-production concert Blu-ray. The set will tentatively be filmed in April, most likely in Germany. Waters says: “It would be a very special event for fans, as we are (apparently!) discussing all the ways to make it so!”

Another ANNIHILATOR project that is in the works is a full CD/DVD of a dozen or so acoustic songs. Waters says: “There would be six musicians involved in this live acoustic show but we are thinking of doing it live in my recording studio in Ottawa; something along the lines of the bonus acoustic video material on the latest VAN HALEN release.”

ANNIHILATOR will announce another European tour in January. The trek will include dates in Russia, Denmark and Germany that were canceled by “the Lufthansa strike, a venue issue and one night off for a bad throat!” according to Waters.

ANNIHILATOR‘s fifteenth studio album, “Suicide Society”, was released on September 18 via UDR Music. As he has in the past, Waters handled all songwriting duties, played all guitar and bass, engineered, produced, mixed and mastered “Suicide Society”, and he is also back commanding lead-vocal duties, as he did on the critically acclaimed “King Of The Kill” (1994), “Refresh The Demon” (1996), “Remains” (1997) and other ANNIHILATOR albums over the years.

Waters previously stated about his return to vocal duties: “Dave [Padden, ANNIHILATOR‘s vocalist from 2003 to 2014) and I have, essentially, been ANNIHILATOR since 2003 but he resigned last December, citing having had enough of touring, being away from home and other commitments. I thank him for his 11 years with ANNIHILATOR. That said, ANNIHILATOR and I are known for never giving up and, occasionally, coming up with something even better than its former offering(s): this is undeniably the case with ‘Suicide Society’!”
Source: Blabbermouth

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