ANGRA ‘Deeply Disapproves’ Of PHILIP ANSELMO’s Actions At ‘Dimebash’

Brazilian metallers ANGRA have weighed in on last month’s incident when ex-PANTERA singer Philip Anselmo made a “white power” gesture onstage at a concert.

Anselmo performed the PANTERA classic “Walk” at the January 22 “Dimebash” event at the Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood, California in honor of his former bandmate, late PANTERA guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott. As he left the stage, he made a Nazi-style salute. He appeared to say “white power” as he made the gesture, but he later claimed he was referring to drinking white wine as part of an “inside joke.” Anselmo has since released a video message, saying that he “deserves completely” the “heat” that he has been getting over his actions and claiming to be “a thousand percent apologetic to anyone that took offense to what [he] said.”

Several notable musicians have come out and criticized Anselmo for his actions, including MACHINE HEAD frontman Robb Flynn, who uploaded an eleven-minute video response to the incident in which he called Anselmo a “big bully” and described Philip’s behavior as “fucking wrong.”

Now the members of ANGRA have offered their opinion, posting a message on their Facebook page in which they say they “deeply disapprove” of Anselmo’s actions and expressing hope that “this kind of attitude is more and more exposed and opposed.”

ANGRA’s statement reads as follows: “We at ANGRA are sorry for and deeply disapprove of vocalist Phil Anselmo’s attitude a few days ago. As PANTERA fans, the disappointment is even greater because we are against any act of discrimination. We sincerely hope that this kind of attitude is more and more exposed and opposed, so that we can keep on moving towards a more dignified, fair and equal world.”

ANGRA features in its ranks guitarist Kiko Loureiro, who joined MEGADETH last year as the replacement for Chris Broderick.

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Nós do Angra lamentamos e reprovamos profundamente as atitudes protagonizadas pelo vocalista Phil Anselmo há alguns…

Posted by Angra on Monday, February 1, 2016

Source: Blabbermouth

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