ALL THAT REMAINS Singer PHIL LABONTE: Laws Didn’t Work In Paris And They Won’t Stop Mass Shootings In U.S.

In the wake of yesterday’s murders of 14 people at a San Bernardino, California center for the developmentally disabled, ALL THAT REMAINS singer Phil Labonte has once again reiterated his opinion that Americans should have a right to carry weapons and protect themselves.

Whenever there’s a mass shooting, the ongoing debate over gun control comes back into the national spotlight. But amid all the arguing and finger-pointing that always accompanies a topic this controversial, nothing seems to break the legislative stalemate that exists on this issue.

In a posting earlier today (Thursday, December 3) on his personal Facebook page, Labonte offered his opinion on the matter, explaining that it is wrong to believe that more gun-control laws for law-abiding citizens will do anything to stop criminals or terrorists.

Said Labonte: “Remember a while back when those two dudes grabbed some long guns and headed out to kill a bunch of people at a ‘Draw Muhammad’ thing in Texas? [Remember] how that worked out? They got smoked before they could kill anyone. Notice how a shitload of people died yesterday?

“Regardless of if you like guns or not. They are out there. In America, there are a whole shitload of them.

“Laws didn’t work in Paris [referring to last month’s terror attacks that left more than 129 people dead. — Ed.] and they won’t stop this stuff here. The police will do everything they can to help you when they get there, but ’till then, you’re on your fucking own.

“Fuck, most of my friends don’t think it’s weird to have a rifle in the truck or car all the time.

“There’s nothing wrong with having a small bag with a first-aid kit and a handgun in your desk or toolbox at work.

“Get your local carry license, go to a couple classes, have a first aid kit, and have a gun.”

Labonte, a staunch gun-rights advocate, in 2012 penned his own op-ed piece for Alternative Press supporting the Second Amendment rights of Americans to bear arms. He wrote at the time: “The Second Amendment is a right that was given to us to prevent the federal government from becoming tyrannical. Proponents of gun control would do well to learn the history of gun control and the terrible tragedies that often follow the disarming of a population.”
Source: Blabbermouth

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