ALL THAT REMAINS Guitarist On ‘The Order Of Things’: ‘There’s Such A Great Variety On The Album’

ROCKwell UnScene’s conducted an interview with ALL THAT REMAINS guitarist Oli Herbert at the Aftershock festival, which was held October 24-25 at the Gibson Ranch, just outside Sacramento, California. You can now watch the chat below.

Asked what makes ALL THAT REMAINS’s new album, “The Order Of Things”, so great, Oli responded: “I feel ‘The Order Of Things’ is probably one of our strongest records we’ve ever done, because we had Josh Wilbur come in and produce it, and I think that his contribution, especially to the vocal ideas, really makes it pop. And there’s such a great variety on the album. So if you like the heavy stuff, we’ve got it. If you like the softer stuff, we’ve got a little of that. But I think it’s all around a really polished, really great ALL THAT REMAINS record.”

ALL THAT REMAINS recently parted ways with bassist Jeanne Sagan and replaced her with Aaron Patrick (BURY YOUR DEAD, DEVILDRIVER).

“The Order Of Things” followed up ALL THAT REMAINS’s 2012 effort, “A War You Cannot Win”, which featured the massive rock singles “What If I Was Nothing” and the chart-topping “Stand Up”.

Source: Blabbermouth

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