AEROSMITH Feels ‘A Little Bit Abandoned’ by STEVEN TYLER’s Solo-Album Plans, Says BRAD WHITFORD

AEROSMITH guitarist Brad Whitford has told that the band has scrapped its plans to tour next year so that singer Steven Tyler can focus on his solo career.

Steven doesn’t want to do it,” Whitford said. “It’s unfortunate. We kind of feel a little bit abandoned by him. I guess he seems to think his solo career is going to go great guns, and he doesn’t seem to realize that — in my opinion — his fans around the globe want to see him in the context of AEROSMITH and don’t really care for whatever he thinks he’s gonna do. I don’t know if he gets that but, hey, that’s what he wants to do. I can’t put a gun to his head. It’s just pretty disappointing.”

AEROSMITH bassist Tom Hamilton was asked by Digital Journal about Tyler’s recent comment that the other members of AEROSMITH were less than happy about his new solo project.

“I saw that quote where he sort of made a blanket remark that we’re mad at him for doing it, which is ridiculous — that’s his own perception,” said Tom.

“It’s funny; sometimes he’ll talk about how he’s been persecuted by the band over the years, but whatever… If it causes drama, let’s show that! He wanted to do this creative exercise of going and making an album, and I can’t blame him for wanting to do it. Joe’s [Perry, guitar] done it before, I’d love to do it someday. Why be angry about it?”

Back in June, Tyler discussed his band’s reaction to his upcoming record by saying, “I’m sure they’re not happy. But Joe has done five solo albums. I just thought, ‘Hey, it’s my turn in the barrel.’ This is a side project, which has now turned into a love of life. I think we got something here that the radio would love to play. Look, that’s why I’m in it. I love to take the fucing power to wow to the 100th degree. It’s just what I do.”

AEROSMITH’s latest album, “Music From Another Dimension!”, debuted at No. 5 on The Billboard 200 album chart, selling 63,000 copies in its first week of release.

The group’s previous collection of new songs, 2001’s “Just Push Play”, entered the chart at No. 2 with sales of 240,000 copies.
Source: Blabbermouth

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