THROWN INTO EXILE, the Los Angeles-based metal act featuring former SCAR THE MARTYR and current ACT OF DEFIANCE singer Henry Derek Bonner, has signed with independent record label Urban Yeti Records. The band’s lineup is rounded out by Mario Rubio (guitar), Ray Sanchez (guitar), Dave Corsile (bass) and Zac Morris (drums). The first track released by the band, “Declination”, sets the tone for the group’s upcoming album, which promises to be loud, fast and heavy.

Speaking on the origin of their name, Rubio comments: “Everyone, at some point in life, has felt singled out based on their views or opinions of something, hence THROWN INTO EXILE. Our songs deal with the realities of the world and what people deal with day to day.” The band says their sound draws from several different genres including groove, thrash and melodic death metal.

Bonner adds: “This is something that Mario and I have worked hard on for quite some time. Practically two-plus years in the making. Within this time, the other guys have contributed a lot as well and I can say that we’ve become friends. I’m thrilled that the metal world finally gets to hear a proper full-length album and I’m proud of what THROWN INTO EXILE has accomplished.”

THROWN INTO EXILE recently finished recording its debut album with producer Jake Pitts (BLACK VEIL BRIDES). Pitts states: “As a producer, you are supposed to help the band be the best version of that band they can be. THROWN INTO EXILE is filled with talented guys and the guitar players are riff machines and shred for days. It’s been really cool to help take their ideas and really bring it all to life, even collaborate on some songs and be able to use that heavier side of my music personality.”

THROWN INTO EXILE has patiently waited for the opportunity to sign with a label, having played at the 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and with numerous established artists, including FEAR FACTORY, TESTAMENT, DEATH ANGEL and SEPULTURA. Rubio remarks: “Signing a deal with a label that cares about your visions and goals and who knows how to get you to where you want to be is on another level. We couldn’t be any more excited and happy to be a part of Urban Yeti, we are ready to work and be on the road.”

THROWN INTO EXILE will release its debut full-length late spring/early summer this year and plans to tour in support.

Source: Blabbermouth

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