AC/DC: Official Video Recap Of Seville Concert

AC/DC has posted a short video recap of the band’s second concert with GUNS N’ ROSES frontman Axl Rose, which took place this past Tuesday, May 10 in Seville, Spain. The band delivered the same 22-song set at Estadio de La Cartuja that they presented in Lisbon, Portugal on May 7 with Rose, who stepped in as fill-in for regular vocalist Brian Johnson after the latter was forced off tour by hearing loss.

For the Seveille concert, Rose was once again confined to a throne after snapping his metatarsal bone while singing during GUNS N’ ROSES‘ Troubadour reunion show on April 1. It is the same custom throne Dave Grohl used last year for FOO FIGHTERS concerts after breaking a leg.

Rose told NME in a new interview that he didn’t speak with Johnson before temporarily replacing the latter as frontman for AC/DC, saying it was only because he didn’t have enough time. Rose explained: “I have not spoken with Brian. We haven’t spoken much about Brian. There hasn’t been any negative talk with the guys or anything — it’s just the time schedule of having to get things together for the shows, while I also had GUNS N’ ROSES commitments, and then breaking the foot.”

Rose took over the mic in AC/DC after Johnson was warned by doctors that he would face a total loss of his hearing if he stayed on the road. Rose is slated for now to play AC/DC’s current run of European shows as well as ten postponed North American gigs.

Rose also spoke about his injured foot, saying: “The day I found out it was broken I left the hospital to rehearse. My only day off was the surgery day, and the next day was back to rehearsals.”

The singer said he had “about twenty rehearsals” with AC/DC, adding, “If I really screw up, they can blame me for that, because I did have good rehearsals.”

Rose reached out to AC/DC himself after hearing about Johnson’s misfortune. Guitarist Angus Young said: “A lot of people were putting people forward. You get a lot of people. The modern world being what it is, everyone’s, ‘Well, I can sing a song.'” AC/DC did audition at least two tribute band singers during their search.

Rose recently indicated that he’s willing to continue with AC/DC past the 22 shows he’s contracted for. He will have to take a break from them this summer, however, for his North American stadium run with GUNS N’ ROSES.

Source: Blabbermouth

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