A Nameless Ghoul From Ghost Dismisses Any Bad Blood Over Kerry King Comments

Earlier this year, the ever frank Kerry King from Slayer offered his honest opinion on the band Ghost, who have seen their popularity skyrocket over the last few years. While Slayer have toured with Ghost and are friendly with the band, King admitted that he wasn’t a huge fan of their music. But for those thinking his comments might cause a rift, think again. A Nameless Ghoul from Ghost has squashed any possible drama in a new interview.

In King’s initial comments, he stated to Artisan News Service, “I love the imagery … I just hate the f—ing music … I wanna like ‘em, I just can’t.” The Slayer guitarist added that he’s happy for the band’s popularity and considers them some of the nicest guys he’ll ever meet in rock, but concluded, “It’s just not my music, and I’ve tried so hard.”

When asked about the comments by Metal Injection (in the interview above), A Nameless Ghoul responded, “I don’t even think that what he said was negative. He just said that he didn’t like the band, that he didn’t like the music. And you know, we’re not for everybody. We’ve never tried to please everybody, so I didn’t even see the negative element in what he said.”

“It doesn’t change my opinion on Slayer. I’ve been a Slayer fan ever since I was a kid and I still love several of their records with all my heart. For me, it wasn’t changing anything,” added the musician.

So for those looking for drama, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Slayer and Ghost remain as tight as ever.

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