5 Questions With Five Finger Death Punch: ShipRocked, Avid Fans, Touring Plans + More

Five Finger Death Punch kicked of 2016 in a big way as they headlined this year’s ShipRocked Cruise. Loudwire had the opportunity to sit down with drummer Jeremy Spencer, guitarist Jason Hook and bassist Chris Kael for a hilarious interview which happened to take place in the boat’s chapel (check out our portraits above). While not part of this particular interview, guitarist Zoltan Bathory even stopped by and chimed in briefly. Check out our interview with Five Finger Death Punch below:

You guys are no strangers to ShipRocked. What is your favorite and least favorite part about this cruise?

Jeremy Spencer: I’m enjoying it, I’m socializing quite a bit this time, we’ve been having a great time. I don’t like getting shaken around a lot, I am kind of a lightweight when it comes to that. I was fortunate enough to be given some non-drowsy Dramamine which did help for a little bit but even when I was playing I felt like, “F—, this is weird.” You feel like you’re going to fall off especially when you’re trying to play two bass drums, it’s a little odd. Other than that I’ve had a really good time.

Jason Hook:  I think like Jeremy said, this has been the most comfortable one so far. There are certain comforts that come along with being one of the headliners, they give us nice cabins, we got an espresso machine and fridge set up, it’s really nice…lots of closet space to hang out your clothes.

JS: You should see his room. It looks like a bomb went off. [Laughs]

Chris Kael: The best thing for me is seeing all the bands that are out here. We’ve toured with Avatar a couple of times, it’s great to see those guys especially seeing a band like that who we brought out early on have that kind of momentum where they’re one of the most anticipated acts out here now.

If you could be on one band on this boat besides Five Finger Death Punch, who would it be and why?

CK: I don’t think there is another for me honestly, I love you guys. [Laughs] I couldn’t say it with a straight face. I’d say the band ’68 because it’s just a drummer and guitarist so they might need a bass player.

JS: I’d want to be in Avatar, face paint and all.

JH: I’ll go with Doll Skin. [Laughs] Why Doll Skin? Oh the inappropriate answers are just flying by me.

JS: They’re good man, it’s refreshing to see a band that likes each other and enjoys being onstage. It’s awesome. [Laughs]

CK: Another band too is Red Sun Rising, I didn’t know what to expect when I was coming in to see those guys but it’s a cool rock band. The vocalist has got like a Chris Cornell meets Maynard Keenan vibe to him. They play all their stuff no backing tracks, no nothing, just straight rock ‘n’ roll and it’s good to see that.

What do you think it is about Five Finger Death Punch that causes fans to gravitate toward you so passionately?

JS: We have great fans, they’re into it. They’re wearing Chris Kael army shirts

CK: With us, it’s good quality songs, songwriting and at the end of the day nothing else matters unless you have good quality songs.  We’ve got the quality songs plus the stage show, and you have five very distinct, very different personalities. If you’re into the band you can find that one personality that you can relate to.

JH: Honestly I think Ivan [Moody’s] lyrics really resonates with people, he keeps it real on a certain level that’s easy to digest and easy to relate to. I think people really connect with his stories. I mean I’ve seen full songs tattooed on bodies, I just feel that they really relate what he’s trying to convey in that particular song. I know that’s a big connective element for fans and beyond that it’s obviously guitar solos. [Laughs]

Zoltan Bathory: For Jeremy, fans like the (skeleton) suit. [Laughs]

JS: They like the suit? I don’t care if they like it. [Laughs] It’s getting worn one way or the other.

CK: One of the coolest things about this band that I’ve seen is you’ll have the biggest guy out there killing it in the pit to a song like “Burn MF” or “Way of the Fist” …

JS: Then the same guy has a tear running down his cheek during the ballad.

CK: It’s a huge gambit of emotions. Usually it’s just me crying on the side of the stage. [Laughs]

What can we expect from Five Finger Death Punch for the rest of 2016?

JS: Lots of touring, lots of festivals. We’ll probably be doing a big headlining thing at the end of the year. Not sure exactly yet but lots of festival shows, all over the place.

CK: Both in Europe and in the States. If we’re not playing there yet, trust us, we’re coming.

What is one non-electronic item you must have on tour with you and why?

JS: Gum! You’re talking to so many people.

JH: There’s a lot of meet and greets, hand sanitizer, that’s one of them. A good book maybe?

JS: An Empire Strikes Back lunch box! Just kidding.

CK: A positive attitude.

JS: Goddammit! You strike that from the interview. [Laughs]

JH: Yeah, he’s been saving that one.

JS: That’s not making the article. [Laughs]

Oh yes it is! A big thanks to the very positive and very funny Chris Kael, Jeremy Spencer and Jason Hook for the interview! Check out some portraits of above!

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