Playlist 22-04-2022

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Metal Warehouse 22-04-2022

Nitrogods Black car driving man 10 years of crap
Thundermother Watch out Watch out
Motor Sister Right there, just like that Get off
Metal blade
Beneath Atlantis No direction New beginnings
Self released
Hammerfall Brotherhood Hammer of dawn
Lion’s Share Throne of steel Throne of steel
Self released
Nord Fear reigns Machine blood
Five Finger Death Punch Afterlife Afterlife
Better noise
Awakening Sun Letting go Letting go
Self released
The Wise Man’s Fear Slumbering world Slumbering world
Self released
Bleed From Within Stand down Shrine
Nuclear blast
Machine Head Choke on the ashes of your hate Øf kingdøm and crøwn
Nuclear blast
Rammstein Zick zack Zeit
The Halo Effect Days of the lost Days of the lost
Nuclear blast
In Flames Everything counts Whoracle
Nuclear blast
Nightrage Abyss rising Abyss rising
The Defaced Celestial display Charlatans
Hagalas Animal farm As a unit
Self released
Amorphis Black winter day Black winter day
Nuclear blast
Thou, feat Emma Ruth Rundle Night Night
Sacred bones
Deadly Circus Fire White wash White wash
Self released
Traitor Exiled to the surface Exiled to the surface
Violent creek
Kreator Strongest of the strong Hate über alles
Nuclear blast
Denomination Der mensch über alles They burn as one
Self released
Monuments Cardinal red In stasis
Century media
Light Beneath Ravens Light beneath

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