Playlist 27-01-2023

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Metal Warehouse 27-01-2023

Chinchilla The boys are back in town Thin Lizzy
Bewitched Born to be wild Steppenwolf
Jeff Scott Soto Shot in the dark Ozzy Osbourne
Violent Work Of Art Bark at the moon Ozzy Osbourne
Fear Factor While my guitar gently weeps The Beatles
In Flames Murders in the rue morgue Iron Maiden
Pissing Razors Domination Pantera
Dew Scented War ensemble Slayer
Reverend Fortunate son Creedence Clearwater Revival
Norther Final countdown Europe
Stryper Carry on my wayward son Kansas
Brainstorm Savage Helloween
Black Light Discipline The bitter end Placebo
In Extremo This corrosion Sisters Of Mercy
Beseech Gimme gimme gimme ABBA
Metalium Thank you for the music ABBA
Nightwish Over the hills and far away Gary Moore
Radakka Night crawler Judas Priest
Dimmu Borgir Burn in hell Twisted Sister
Evile Through the never Metallica
Mors Principium Est Blood of heroes Megadeth
In Flames Land of confusion Genesis
Indigo Never let me down again Depeche Mode
Sadist Relax Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Satyricon Orgasmatron Motörhead

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