Playlist 27-01-2023

Chinchilla – The boys are back in town
Bewitched – Born to be wild
Jeff Scott Soto – Shot in the dark
Violent Work Of Art – Bark at the moon
Fear Factor – While my guitar gently weeps
In Flames – Murders in the rue morgue
Pissing Razors – Domination
Dew Scented – War ensemble
Reverend – Fortunate son
Norther – Final countdown
Stryper – Carry on my wayward son
Brainstorm – Savage

Black Light Discipline – The bitter end
In Extremo – This corrosion
Beseech – Gimme gimme gimme
Metalium – Thank you for the music
Nightwish – Over the hills and far away
Radakka – Night crawler
Dimmu Borgir – Burn in hell
Evile – Through the never
Mors Principium Est – Blood of heroes
In Flames – Land of confusion
Indigo – Never let me down again
Sadist – Relax
Satyricon – Orgasmatron

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