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Slayer Postmortem Reign in blood
Def jam
Soto Origami Origami
Visigoth Abysswalker Bells of awakening
Metal blade
Black Star Riders Another state of grace Another state of grace
Nuclear blast
Iron Maiden Alexander the great Somewhere in time
The Rods Smoke on the horizon Brotherhood of metal
Skelator Cast iron Cyber metal
Gates of hell
Circle Of Witches First born sinner Natural born sinners
Damage S.F.P. Death of innocent Damge sfp
Maniac Abductor First world disease Casualties of casualty
Avatar Smells like a freakshow The king live in paris
Century media
Amon Amarth Fafner’s gold Berserker
Metal blade
Centrilia Those possessed by devils In the name of nothing
Self released
Employed To Serve Beneath it all Eternal forward motion
Upon A Burning Body King of diamonds Southern hostility
Seek & strike
Icons Of Brutality Interview
Icons Of Brutality Graceless t.b.a.
Self released
Icons Of Brutality Interview
Skorbutiks Skyhole devourment Archaeonecrosis
The spew
Entrapment Morbid habitation Imminent violent death
Deserted Fear The final chapter Drowned by humanity
Century media
Vader Grand deceiver Thy messenger
Nuclear blast
Malevolent Creation Mandatory butchery The 13th beast
Century media
Carnal Forge King chaos Gun to mouth salvation
ViciSolum prod.

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