Playlist 21-06-2019

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Metal Warehouse 21-06-2019

Vulture Fed to sharks Ghastly waves & battered graves
Metal blade
Hellraiser Ritual of the stars Heritage
Underground symphony
Death SS Hellish knights Rock ’n roll armageddon
High roller
Rammstein Waidmanns heil Liebe ist für alle da
Dead Girls Corp From the bottom Bloody noses and hand grenades
Shvpes Undertones Greater than
Walkways Hell born shove (impossible) Bleed out, heal out
Nuclear blast
Soilwork In this master’s tale Underworld
Nuclear blast
For I Am King Forever blind I
Red field
Upon A Burning Body The champ is coming Southern hostility
Seek & strike
Employed To Serve Force fed Eternal forward motion
Equilibrium A lost generation Renegades
Nuclear blast
Death Angel Ghost of me Humanicide
Nuclear blast
Anger Machine Vanquishers Trail of the perished
Self released
Possessed Graven Revelations of oblivion
Nuclear blast
Exumer Carnage rider Hostile defiance
Metal blade
Tau Cross Burn with me Messengers of deception
Memoriam In the midst of desolation Requiem for mankind
Nuclear blast
Icons Of Brutality Graceless Graceless
Self released
1914 Paschenhell The blind leading the blind
Archaic sound
Firespawn Godlessness Abominate
Century media
Hate Auric gates of veles Auric gates of veles
Metal blade
Vader Grand deceiver Thy messenger
Nuclear blast
Glare Of The Sun IV Theia

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