Playlist 14-06-2019

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Metal Warehouse 14-06-2019

Hellagators Born again Hell III
Diviner Beyond the border Realms of time
Visigoth Abysswalker Bells of awakening
Metal blade
NorthTale Higher Welcome to paradise
Nuclear blast
Twilight Force Night of winterlight Dawn of the dragon star
Nuclear blast
Rhasopdy, Turillie/Lione DNA (Demon and angel) Zero gravity
Nuclear blast
Sabaton Fields of verdun The great war
Nuclear blast
Ironguard Tyrant of war Towards victory
Heathen tribes
Lion’s Share We are what we are We are what we are
Self released
Hellraiser Ritual of the stars Heritage
Underground symphony
Soto Origami Origami
Death Angel Humanicide Humanicide
Nuclear blast
Anger Machine Conquer all Trail of the perished
Self released
Devastruction Civilised Space force one
Self released
Iron Reagan They scream Split with Sacred reich
Metal blade
Aftermath Smash reset control There is something wrong
While She Sleeps I’ve seen it all So what?
Baroness Throw me an anchor Gold & grey
Abraxan hymns
Earth Ship Resonant sun Resonant sun
Rammstein Radio Rammstein
Lacrimas Profundere Father of fate Bleeding the stars
Carnifex No light shall save us World war x
Nuclear blast
Thy Art Is Murder Death squad anthem Human target
Nuclear blast
Hate Path to arkhen Auric gates
Metal blade

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