Playlist 14-05-2021

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Metal Warehouse 14-05-2021

Steelpreacher Wish you were beer Back from hell
A chance for metal
Pharao Freedom The powers that be
Cruz del sur
Sabaton Defence of moscow Defence of moscow
Nuclear blast
Evermore Rising tide Court of the tyrant king
Self released
Mustasch You are killing me A final warning – chapter one
Motorjesus Beyond the grave Hellbreaker
Herman Frank Venom Two for a lie
Van Canto Raise your horns To the power of eight
Lord Of The Lost Priest Judas
Oceans Everyone I love is broken We are nøt okay
Nuclear blast
Bewitcher Death returns Cursed be thy kingdom
Century media
The Prowlers Business day Closing circle
Hedonihil Shattered mindscapes II – symptomatic
At The Gates Spectre of extinction The nightmare of being
Century media
Alustrium Hunted A momunment to silence
Unique leader
Ophidian I Diamonds Desolate
Season of mist
Neptune The gestre of hands Frames
Self released
Nox Aeterna Determined Determined
Self released
Seth Métal noir La morsure du christ
Season of mist
Thy Kingdom Will Burn Rise against Thy kingdom will burn
Slayer Skeleton christ Christ illusion
Artillery Silver cross X
Metal blade
Messiah Children of faith Fracmont
High roller

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