Playlist 05-07-2021

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Metal Warehouse 07-05-2021

Vengeful Ghoul Back to war Infestation
Self released
Mercyful Fate A corpse without a soul Merciful fate
Pharao Will we rise The powers that be
Cruz del sur
Drahktar Uprising Across the wasteland
Self released
Evermore Northern cross Court of the tyrant king
Self released
Artillery In thrash we trust X
Metal blade
Flotsam And Jetsam Blood in the water Blood in the water
Prestige You weep You weep
Burning Witches The witch of the north The witch of the north
Nuclear blast
Evile Zombie apocalyps Hell unleashed
Andrew WK I’m in heaven God is partying
Mortyfear Jester’s downfall My dystopia
Fear Factory Disruptor Aggression continuum
Nuclear blast
Alluvial 40 stories Sarcoma
Nuclear blast
Light The Torch More than dreaming Wilting the light
Nuclear blast
Crawling Manifest Onslaught Radical absolution
Self released
Daily Insanity Sleepless Chronicles of war
Self released
Nox Aeterna Determined Determined
Self released
Seth Ex-cath├ędrale La morsure du christ
Season of mist
Amenra De evenmens De doorn

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