Playlist 13-10-2017

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Metal Warehouse 13-10-2017

Pink Cream 69 Man of sorrow Headstrong
Gamma Ray Man on a mission Land of the free
Silver Wind Fight for glory Legion of the exiled
No remorse
Stormbringer Don’t trust me Born a dying breed
Lady Beast The way Vicious breed
Cruz del sur
Eastern High Eyes of heaven Garden of heathens
Self released
The Great Discord Darkest day The rabbit hole
The sign
Osyron To war Kingsbane
Self released
Resistance Blackout Metal machine
No remorse
Veilside Wash rinse repeat Eclipse
Self released
Pänzer Fatal command Fatal command
Nuclear blast
Enslaved Sacred horse E
Nuclear blast
Perdition’s Light Mighty observer Endzeit
Self released
Samael Black supremacy Hegemony
Throne OF Heresy Siege of caffa Decameron
The sign
Venom Inc. Bloodstained Avé
Nuclear blast
Ereb Altor The rite of kraka Ulfven
Implore Cursed existence Subjugate
Century media
Crowbar Existence is punishment Crowbar
Namazu Dragged fighting from his tomb Works cited
Typhoon killer
Omnium Gatherum Blade reflections Blade reflections single
Century media

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