Playlist 08-09-2023

Firewind – I am anger
Primal Fear – Play a song
Borealis – Pray for water
Soen – Icon
Signum Regis – Alt of the earth
Dycrest – Man made god
Stitchd Up Heart – Possess me
Dead Icarus – Sellout
Cannibal Corpse – Summoned for sacrifice
Asinhell – Fall of the loyal warrior
Amon Amarth – Saxons and vikings
Heidevolk – Raidho

Decembre Noir – Against the daylight
Sylosis – A sign of things to come
Oomph! – Nichts wird mehr gut
Ministry – Goddamn white trash
Banshee – Birth of venus
Marduk – Coffin carol
Graveworm – We are the resistance
The Wounded – Bricklayer
Rivers Of Nihil – The sub-orbital blues
Atlases – Eyelids of the new dawn
Crowbar – The fear that binds you

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Playlist 15-04-2022

Halestorm – Back from the dead
Dream Widow – The sweet abyss
Lionsoul – Exile to arise
Nitrogods – Gasoline
Volbeat – Heaven’s descent
Spitfire – Ride it like you stole it
Slipknot – All hope is gone
Herbst – Besser ohne dich
Disconnected – Primal rage
The Halo Effect – Feel what I believe
Svneater – Lavender
Crowbar – Her evil is sacred

Destruction – Repent your sins
Kreator – Warcurse
Wolf – Exit sign
Misery Index – Infiltrators
The Lone Wolf – Cancel the king
Celtic Hills – Hidden folk
Midnight – Frothing foulness
Slaegt – Kiss from a knife
Celtic Frost – Morbid tales
Primordial – The darkest flame
Depressed Mode – Parasites of mind
Meshuggah – Broken cog

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Playlist 14-08-2020

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 14-08-2020 1: Vandenberg Ride like the wind 2020 Mascot Warkings Odin’s sons Revenge Napalm Amaranthe Strong Manifest Nuclear blast Alter Bridge Wouldn’t you rather …

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Playlist 08-06-2018

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 08-06-2018 1: Tremonti From the sky A dying machine Napalm Lizzy Borden My midnight things My midnight things Metal blade Tad Morose Apocalypse Chapter …

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Playlist 13-04-2018

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 13-04-2018 1: Kino The dead club Radio voltaire InsideOut Crematory Immortal Oblivion Steamhammer Godsmack Bulletproof When legends rise Spinefarm Follow The Cipher Valkyra Follow …

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Playlist 02-12-2016

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 02-12-2016 >Music: 1: Lancer Mastery Mastery Nuclear blast Helloween My god-given right My god-given right Nuclear blast Freedom Call Hail the legend Master of …

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Playlist 04-11-2016

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 04-11-2016 >Music: 1: Metallica Atlas, rise! Hardwired… to self-destruct Blackened Testament The pale king Brotherhood of the snake Nuclear blast Avenged Sevenfold God damn …

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Playlist 21-10-2016

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 21-10-2016 >Music: 1: Amaranthe Maximize Maximalism Spinefarm U.D.O. Fast as a shark Live – back to the roots AFM Skyliner Condition black Condition black …

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