Playlist 13-01-2023

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Metal Warehouse 13-01-2023

Beast In Black Blade runner
Motive Black Caged
Lion’s Share Infernal soul
Ruinthrone I am the night
Skyblazer Across the heavens
Beyond The Black Is there anybody out there
Dark Embrace Dark heavy metal
Xentrix Ghost tape number 10
Testament WW III
Godslave Positive aggressive
Amken I am the one
Sepultura Slave new world
Morost Solace in solitude
Dystopia A.D. Doomsday psalm
Mother Of Graves In somber dreams
Dead Will Walk Day of dawning
Massive Assault Cause effect
Obituary My will to live
Grand Supreme Blood Court All rise!
Paradise Lost From the gallows
In Sanity Crown of corruption
OTUS Through the flesh

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