Playlist 11-06-2021

Herman Frank – Teutonic order
Brother Against Brother – Haunted heart
Motive Black – Broken
Helloween – Fear of the fallen
Drahktar – Dance with the flames
Flotsam And Jetsam – The wicked hour
Steelpreacher – Back from hell
Gasoline Guns – Hell thunder
Volbeat – Wait a minute my girl
Thundermother – Driving in style
AC/DC – Witch’s spell
Hellryder – Night rider
The Cult Of Destiny – I was made for loving

Witherfall – The other side of fear
Testament – Children of the next level
Heathen – The blight
Artillery – Force of indifference
Machine Head – Become the firestorm
Caliban – Nichts ist für immer
Lord Of The Lost – Priest
Amon Amarth – Masters of war
At The Gates – The paradox
Bloodbeat – No control
Gojira – Another world

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Playlist 04-06-2021

Devin Townsend – Bad devil
Volbeat – Wait a minute my girl
Gasoline Guns – Bourbon burns
Motive Black – Broken
Caliban – Herz
Meshuggah – Bleed
Alluvial – The putrid sunrise
War Of Ages – Void
Love Is Red – Keep moving
Perfect World – My life runs out
Corey Taylor – CMFT must be stopped
Hatebreed – The herd will scatter
Skarlett Riot – Underwater

Nodes Of Ranvier – Relentless
At The Gates – The paradox
Neaera – Catalyst
Bloodbeat – Beyond the skeletons
The Very End – Sorrow no more
Alustrium – Blood for blood
Sepultura – Mask (feat. Devin Townsend)
Ophidian I – Diamonds
Flotsam And Jetsam – A place to die
Symphony X – Sea of lies
Nevermore – Believe in nothing

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