Playlist 10-03-2023

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Metal Warehouse 10-03-2023

Godsmack Red white and blue
Silver Bullet Shadow of a curse
Gasoline Guns Under wicked sky
Motorjesus Burning black
Aces And Flames Whiskey
Cellar Twins Molotov parade
Martyr Demon hammer
Medieval Steel Kill the pain
Rage Monetary gods
Alter Bridge Dead among the living
Dope Choke
Rammstein Ausländer
Hanzel Und Gretyl Trinken mit der kaizer
Evil X Dead eyes
Thermality Awful lies
Morphetik Endless pain
Delve Into Darkness Fight to the end
In Flames The great deceiver
The Halo Effect A truth worth living for
Soilwork The ageless whisper
The Haunted Means to an end
Testament True american hate
Xandria You will never be our god
Delain Moth to a flame
Kamala Fear

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