Playlist 10-03-2023

Godsmack – Red white and blue
Silver Bullet – Shadow of a curse
Gasoline Guns – Under wicked sky
Motorjesus – Burning black
Aces And Flames – Whiskey
Cellar Twins – Molotov parade
Martyr – Demon hammer
Medieval Steel – Kill the pain
Rage – Monetary gods
Alter Bridge – Dead among the living
Dope – Choke
Rammstein – Ausländer
Hanzel Und Gretyl – Trinken mit der kaizer

Evil X – Dead eyes
Thermality – Awful lies
Morphetik – Endless pain
Delve Into Darkness – Fight to the end
In Flames – The great deceiver
The Halo Effect – A truth worth living for
Soilwork – The ageless whisper
The Haunted – Means to an end
Testament – True american hate
Xandria – You will never be our god
Delain – Moth to a flame
Kamala – Fear

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Playlist 23-12-2022

Five Finger Death Punch – No sudden movement
Light The Torch – Calm before the storm
Acto Of Denial – Puzzle heart
Cellar Twins – Molotov parade
Trivium – A crisis of revelation
Amken – The li(f)e we lead
Algebra – Resuscitation
Detraktor – Bear fight
Exul – Lose all control
Metallica – Lux aeterna
Volbeat – Return to none
Alter Bridge – Holiday
Megadeth – We’ll be back

Amon Amarth – The great heathen army
Insomnium – White christ
Obituary – The wrong time
Misery Index – Complete control
Bonded – The wholy whore
Kataklysm – The serpent’s tongue
Skroetbalg – Ie leest de happinez
Carcass – The long and winding bier road
Decembre Noir – A swan lake full of tears
Morost – Artificial time

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