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Metal Warehouse 09-09-2016

Hatebreed A.D. The concrete confessional
Nuclear blast
Brujeria No aceptan imitaciones Pocho aztlan
Nuclear blaat
Fallujah Adrenaline Dreamless
Nuclear blast
Vex To anacreon Sky exile
Eihwaz recordings
Black Crown Initiate Again Selves we cannot forgive
Perception Delusions Collapse
Self released
Meshuggah Born in dissonance The violent sleep of reason
Nuclear blast
Meshiaak Maniacal Alliance of thieves
Testament Brotherhoof of the snake Brotherhood of the snake
Nuclear blast
X-tinxion Destruct & reanimate Frpom the ashes of eden
Self released
Darkness Dressed in red The gasoline solution
High roller
Kreator Lambs to the slaughter Big teutonic four – part II
Nuclear blast
Necromancing The Stone Unfinished business Jewel of the vile
Metal blade
Metallica Hardwired Hardwired… to self-destruct
Vader Overkill Iron time ep
Nuclear blast
Aktaion Death coloured gold The parade of nature
Self released
Solution .45 Mind mutation Nightmares in the waking state – Part II
The Hypothesis Leak Origin
Soilwork Whereever thorns may grow Death resonance
Nuclear blast
In Flames The end Battles
Nuclear blast
Devin Townsend Project Offer your light Transcendence
Delain Pendulum Moonbathers
Winterstorm In clarity Cube of infinity
Sabaton All guns blazing The last stand
Nuclear blast

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