Playlist 08-02-2019

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Metal Warehouse 08-02-2019

Anthem Black empire Nucleus
Nuclear blast
Dream Theater Fall into the light Distance over time
Echoes Of Eternity Smoke and mirrors Ageless
Self released
Mastord Burden Trail of consequence
Lullwater Empty chamber Voodoo
Self released
Ship Of Theseus Suspended The paradox
Punishment 18
Dethonator Pyroclastic Race against the sun
Pavement entertainment
Gatekeeper Grey maiden Grey maiden
Cruz del sur
Thornbridge Trace of destruction Theatrical masterpiece
Rhapsody Of Fire Seven heroic deeds The eighth mountain
Skeletoon They never say die They never say die
Indestructible Noise Command Identifier Terrible things
Self released
Sacred Reich Victim of demise Ignorance
Metal blade
Harlott First world solution Extinction
Metal blade
Insanity Alert Welcome to hell 666-pack
Season of mist
Omicida Protect and serve Defraude reign
Self released
Children Of Bodom This road Hexed
Nuclear blast
Arrival Of Autumn The endless Harbringer
Nuclear blast
Misery Index New salem Rituals of power
Season of mist
Deserted Fear An everlasting dawn Drowned by humanity
Century media
Malevolent Creation Agony for the chosen The 13th beast
Century media
Gorod The sentry Aethra
Nailed To Obscurity Tears of the eyeless Black frost
Nuclear blast
Earth Ship Resonant sun Resonant sun

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