Playlist 01-11-2019

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Metal Warehouse 01-11-2019

Helloween Halloween United alive in madrid
Nuclear blast
Spoil Engine The hallow Renaissance noir
Arising empire
Soilwork Stalfagel Verkligheten
Nuclear blast
Shadecrown Rain’s edge Riven
Insomnium Neverlast Heart like a grave
Century media
Hellyeah 333 Welcome home
Eleven seven
Trivium Vengeance falls Vengeance falls
Undawn Head of doubt Solidarity
Self released
Alter Bridge Dying light Walk the sky
Airbourne Switchblade angel Boneshaker
Phil Campbell Straight up Old lions still roar
Nuclear blast
Liv Sin Hope begins to fade Burning sermons
Ram Blades of betrayal The throne witin
Metal blade
Secret Chapter Blaze Chapter one
Self released
Dragonforce Troopers of the stars Extreme power metal
Metal blade
Manowar Blood and steel The final battle I
Magic circle
Persecutor 4 more beers Rebirth
Self released
Suicidal Angels Endless war Years of aggression
The Offering Lovesick Home
Centrury media
Cro-Mags From the grave From the grave
Arising empire
Novembers Doom Nephilim groove Nephilim groove

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