Guardians Of Time – Tearing up the world (oktober 2018)

Norwegian heavy metal /power metal band, GUARDIANS OF TIME, have announced the release of their fifth album Tearing Up The World. The album includes two songs with guest performances by Abbath and Tim ”Ripper” Owens.

Bernt Fjellestad – Vocals
Paul Olsen – Guitars
Willy Aaraas – Drums
Jonkis – Bass

GUARDIANS OF TIME is considered as one of the leading heavy/power metal bands in Norway, with members holding experience from other bands such as Trail Of Tears, Susperia and Harm. Focusing on in-your-face heavy metal and live performances filled with power and energy, the band is always keen on giving their audience what they want; a heavy metal party! In the recent years they have toured Europe six times, supporting bands like Sabaton, Sepultura and Fear Factory. GUARDIANS OF TIME have played in Serbia, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Belarus, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Romania.

Guardians of Time was formed in 1997 when a handful of musicians drinking beer at the local metal pub came up with the idea to form a band. Their first demo landed them a record deal, and the debut album “Edge of Tomorrow” was released in 2001. The album received great reviews and the band made loyal fans all over the world. Both a Brazilian- and a German fan site were made by devoted fans. The band did shows all over Norway and played almost every metal festival in the country.
The second album “Machines of Mental Design” was released in 2004 by Massacre Records, receiving great reviews from all over the world. The music was by many labeled as “thinking man’s metal” and were often compared to the epic masterpiece “Operation Mindcrime” for its well thought composition and lyrics. Guardians of Time joined the 2004 “Scream Tour” playing all over Norway, culminating in an amazing show at Norway’s biggest festival, the “Quart Festival” where they supported Slipknot. Proving that Guardians of Time had indeed become a great live act.
After years with no activity, the main songwriters of the band, Bernt Fjellestad and Paul Olsen decided to revive the band with a new line-up. In 2011 the album “A Beautiful Atrocity” was released to amazing critics and ecstatic fans. A prestigious live jobs at “Norway Rock Festival” and “Prog Power Russia” followed, once again proving Guardians of Time as one of the most interresting power metal bands in Norway.
After extencive touring, mainly in eastern Europe, in 2013. Guardians of Time once again began working on a new album. The bands 4th studio album “Rage and Fire” was released in 2015. The album was mixed in Studio Fredman by the legendary Fredrik Nordström. This was the bands fastest and most intense album to date, and the album was released to amazing critics!
On October 19th 2018 the bands fifth album “Tearing up the World” will be released on “ROAR – Rock of Angels Records”! Once again mixed by Studio Fredman. The album features guest performances by no other than Abbath and Tim “Ripper” Owens!



Digipack CD:
1. Tearing Up The World (feat. Abbath)
2. Raise The Eagle
3. We’ll Bring War
4. Burning Of Rome
5. Kingdom Come
6. Valhalla Awaits
7. Brothers Of The North
8. Light Won’t Shine
9. As I Burn (feat. Tim Ripper Owens)
10. Drawn In Blood
11. Masters We Were
2LP Black Vinyl:
1. Tearing Up The World (feat. Abbath)
2. Raise The Eagle
3. We’ll Bring War
1. Burning Of Rome
2. Kingdom Come
3. Valhalla Awaits
1. Brothers Of The North
2. Light Won’t Shine
3. As I Burn (feat. Tim Ripper Owens)
1. Drawn In Blood
2. Masters We Were
3. Empire – Live (Bonus Track)

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