Time, The Valuator – Elusive Reasons

Time, The Valuator is a brand new Progressive Rock outfit hailing from Germany, made up of various members of previous local bands. After a year of quietly working on new music behind the scenes, the band is now ready to unleash it upon the world.

If you’re a fan of Nothing More, or you look back with nostalgia to 2008- era Emarosa, you’ll find plenty to entertain yourself with while listening to the band’s brand new banger, “Elusive Reasons“, out now on Dreambound’s channel.

The music video was shot by Pavel Trebukhin at Tre Films and the track was recorded, mixed and mastered by Embark Audio, and it shows a raw talent that is bound to sweep listeners off of their feet. With catchy hooks, powerful belting vocals, and progressive instrumentation reminiscent of TesseracT, these guys are here to make a statement and leave a mark.

Vocalist Phil Bayer opened up and shared his thoughts about the track: “Elusive Reasons is a very honest song about some parts of my personal life and me questioning how people behave and value their life. I can’t even exclude myself from that. People always wish for things they don’t have, while not realizing what they already got. Think of all the stuff you are blessed with and be happy for once.”


More about the band: “Create an impression, let your light shine or leave traces“, with this vision, the German lineup Time, The Valuator was founded mid-2015.
With vast influences from a wide array of different styles, they craft a sound of their own, blending atmospheric, catchy and heavy elements together, while taking absolutely no creative compromises.
With a lot of potential and very disciplined working, Time, The Valuator strive to create something to remember.

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